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Cost Structure

Cost Structure Cost structure is often associate with the costs associated with production but it extends further to not only the resources to produce the product (physical or digital) but to the marketing and such. We will add more information at a later date but this article by wisegeek covers it pretty well. [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Unique Value Proposition

Unique Value Proposition What is unique value proposition? The basic setup:   An example would be ours: The Great Startup Wiki offers a game plan and the methods and resources to accomplish that game plan. The Great Starup WIki offers guides and plans for different startup and business related tasks, quick guides for reference, and methods,resources and tools for those plans and guides. This information is available for use by entrepreneurs doing research, startups that are starting up, and established businesses trying to gain a better edge in their market. This is useful because all of the information is laid Read more

Exit Strategies

Exit Strategies When you want to get out of a business you need to have some exit strategies planned. Sometimes people plan to exit from the very beginning because they just wanted to start it with a partner or what not. This content was was created by a Redditor for an entrepreneurial competition. It will be edited in the future but as of now, it is a direct quote. [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Who is Your Target Audience?

Who is Your Target Audience? Do you know who you are selling to? You need to figure this out so that you can figure out their habits and personalities enough to know how to effectively market to them, how much they can spend, and various other things. Think about what they are like. Can you still do your business? Let’s say you have designed this awesome toy but the toy costs a ton of money. Do kids have a ton of money? Do the parents of the kids who would want this have a ton of money? Would they be Read more

Business Related Ted Talks and Similar Series

Business Related Ted Talks and Similar Series There are some very powerfully educational and inspirational series on the internet that relate to business and life. This page has links to those videos. Ted Talks on Business Ted Talks are amazingly insightful and often cutting edge. Here are a couple great ones that are business related. Seth Godin: How to get your ideas to spread [ARVE_youtube id=”xBIVlM435Zg”] Derek Sivers: How to start a movement [ARVE_youtube id=”V74AxCqOTvg”] Ted Talks by Categories Business Entrepreneur Marketing Advertising Invention Economics Tedocracy is also a pretty cool website that sorts some of the best TED Talks Read more

What Problems are You Solving?

What Problems are You Solving? What problems are you solving that your customers will get value from? This is very important to know because sometimes we have an idea and we are so sure that we are solving something for people. We need to know for sure. You can usually figure that out by validating the idea. Watch this video for some insight into helping people with what they actually want help with. [ARVE_youtube id=”chXsLtHqfdM”] There have been theories that it is best to ask people what they want to figure out problems to solve instead of just trying to Read more

How to Name Your Business

How to Name Your Business Naming your business is difficult to do well. You probably will end up getting a website if you want people to find your service. That’s even if you are a lawyer or restaurant. You don’t have to, but it does generally increase sales and help people find out information about your company so they will go to you. See our domain naming article. Naming Your Business Video [ARVE_youtube id=”Ensj3QYZBsw”] Resources on Naming Your Business Google Search Result for: best business naming practices A Name for a Company (read this one) 10 Tips for Startups and Read more

Collarborative Consumption Websites

Collarborative Consumption Websites This isn’t entirely a startup post but should provide some good inspirational pieces. Watch the video on the subject. [ARVE_youtube id=”AQa3kUJPEko”] AirBnb ZipCar Swapits TradeAway SwapStyle MakeupAlley SwapTreasures National Book Swap OurSwaps Readitswapit SwapaCD Swap a Home Swap it baby SwapVillage SwapThing SwitchPlanet TheSwap BookMooch TitleTrader ToySwap SwapTree [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]  

How to do Marketing Research using Your Competitors

Intro for How to do Marketing Research There are many ways to do marketing research and we probably won’t be able to know all of them but we will do our best here. If you don’t see a tool that we should be listing, let us know in the post advisor form at the end of the post. Be aware that market research and marketing research are two different things but are very similar. A great way to do some market research is to look at what your direct or indirect competitors are doing in the market. Direct competitors are Read more

How to Utilize an Idea

How to Utilize an Idea You may say, “I have an idea. What do I do with it?” or have seen someone say that before. This will attempt to answer that question. If you have an idea you should have gone through the idea section to get here. If not start there: Ideas To utilize an idea you will start a business but that is a huge step. Before doing that you need to create some sort of actual product. Sometimes your idea is actually produced during the business stage but not often. Prebuild something to work with. Prebuild Examples Read more