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How to Think of Ideas

Thinking of Ideas Many people want to do business with their skills but fail to proceed because they don’t have an idea. Thinking up an idea is sometimes a silly process. You have to “brainstorm” some ideas. Let your mind just think up things and then another idea then another idea and eventually the stupid and goofy ideas will dissipate leaving you with more well rounded ideas. The way the well rounded ideas keep appearing is because we keep information stored in short term in a funny way. We will tangent off of recent idea sessions. Tangent ideas are excellent Read more

How to Protect Ideas

Protecting Ideas There are various ways to protect an idea. There are legal methods and then there are psychological / secret sauce methods. Now when people don’t have the methods or the madness to create a product, they know they have to find someone to help them but are scared someone is going to steal their idea. They should be wary but sometimes you just have to cut your losses and go for it. Here are some methods that can help though. Patents Patents are a legal way to protect physical product designs, processes, and a few other types of Read more

How to Find Ideas

Finding Ideas Solve something that bugs you – An easy way to come up with a good idea is to keep an eye out for the things that get in your way or you think could be improved and always be thinking about how those things could be improved. At the store, in the bathroom, at work, in the car, etc. Anything that is annoying or seen as not as good as it could be is an opportunity for you to look into. After a while this becomes a habit and you will be innovating multiple times a day. Solve Read more

How to Validate an Idea

How to Validate an Idea Validating an idea is one of the largest hurdles an entrepreneur can have. You need hard evidence that there are people looking for what you are selling and that they are willing to spend money on it. If they like the idea but wouldn’t actually spend money on it, you have a problem. You must be aware that polling people doesn’t always work and neither does statistical methods. Sometimes the people you are polling is too small of a group of people whereas using statistical data may not work because people aren’t looking for what Read more

Internet Statistics Websites

Internet Statistics Websites There are some large places to check out information about statistics of different segments of the internet and the traffic they receive. This gives you a good idea what competitors are doing and such. – Gives you the traffic data, but also data on what the competition is doing and where they are doing it and where they are mentioned and other facts. It combines many of the following stat tools into one slick little tool. Google Keyword Tool: It tells you how many times people search keywords a month in the USA or globally and Read more

Government Statistics on Business you can Look Through

Government Statistics on Business you can Look Through The government keeps a huge amount of information saved up that we can poke around in related to business statistics. USA Related Government Business Statistics Link FedStats Bureau of Labor Statistics Free Economic, Demographic & Financial Data via International International Labor Statistics International Labor Organization [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Startups Quick Resource Guide

Quick Startup Resource Guide to Services Startup Communities and Resources: /r/entrepreneur and /r/startups and Hacker New (ycombinator) and Web Platform:  WordPress that installs on a hosting solution otherwise you don’t get to use plugins. (a CMS aka Content Management System) Hosting Solution (more info): Bluehost and AWS WordPress Plugins (more info): (try to get responsive plugins) CodeCanyon and WordPress and WMPU DEV and HotScripts WordPress Themes (more info): (try to get responsive themes) ThemeForest and WPMU DEV and WooThemes and Elegant Themes Dev Work (more info):  Elance and Glowtouch and Matchist Photo Editor: Gimp (install) and Pixlr Editor Screencast Read more

Design a Computer in Minutes Easily with PC Part Picker Website

Design a Computer in Minutes Easily with PC Part Picker Website This website has no ads, will help you pick out your computer parts and all the parts will be compatible. It allows you to benchmark parts, compare vendors such as Newegg and Amazon, select multiple rating sets at a time, etc. Check it out here: [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Website that Helps Find Alternative Programs to a Named Program

Website that Helps Find Alternative Programs to a Named Program AlternativeTo is a website that can help you find an alternative to whatever software you are looking at. This is helpful if you found a perfect software to do something but it was expensive. You can plug in the name of it and find alternatives. They won’t be perfect and always free alternatives but they will be similar enough usually. Maybe you have something in MAC that you need to use on a PC. This website is the solution to those problems. See it here: [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Online Courses

Online Courses and Resources There are a lot of classes online you can take. Click a section to get started. Take note that lessons are just lessons and that courses are actually a comprehensive set of lessons. Think of lessons as tutorials. Or at least that is what it is supposed to be. Let us know if things should be arranged. You can do that at the form at the end. Course and Tutorial Websites (tutorial websites are carefully selected) How to Build a Startup or Business Programming Courses   Programming Lessons (tutorials)   Programming Extras [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]