General Resources

App Marketing Methods

App Marketing Methods Marketing apps can be difficult. Here are some resources for you until we get our own article. Some quick tips first… Make a landing page website where you show off the app and what it can do. Use YouTube videos for the advertising video. Use either a screencast or other explainer video to quickly grab attention and explain the app easily. Text to explain apps is just not a good time but you also need to include that as well. Articles about App Marketing Life Lessons By Way Of App Marketing by BlueCloud Solutions App Marketing 301 Read more

Finding a Good Freelancer

Finding a Good Freelancer This is a difficult task but there are some tactics you can take as well as websites to choose from. Tactics Read testimonials on the freelancers in the field of work you need done. Pay attention to these. Give projects to top candidates one page or feature at a time. This is to figure out how each one communicates, costs, quality of work, etc. This method sounds like it will cost you a lot but it will cost you much less than if you just go all in with one freelancer. This tactic has been talked Read more

App Monetization Methods

App Monetization Methods There are some resources out there already for this so we are going to point you to them for now. You can try this link and it should pop you over to an eBook produced by Blue Cloud Solutions. You can also try a non-ebook place here. [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Perfect Color Schemes with this Dynamic Color Picker

Perfect Color Schemes with this Dynamic Color Picker There is a great little app I found that will help you pick colors with various color formats and keep them in sync with each other. This can help you figure out colors for ads, apps, website color schemes, etc. Kuler Color Wheel by Adobe [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Apps VS Websites

Apps VS Websites A lot of people jump to the conclusion that they need an app so to prevent that let’s look at some information about apps and websites and their differences. Some Issues Scale and Load time A lot of people have tried to load a website on their phone and it turns out looking like crap. They have to zoom and pan and stuff may look weird and may take forever to load. If this is your reason alone for building an app then look into responsive websites that will scale and such based on screen size. Easy Read more

How to Find an App Developer

How to Find an App Developer Before you find a developer you should understand some concepts about apps and their development and figure out if you really need an app for what you are doing. Do you Need an App Read the article and find out. Apps vs Websites Design Your App Before attempting to build your app yourself, hiring a freelancer or a development firm, or bringing on a developer friend or partner, you should design out your idea. First validate it though. A lot of people forget that step. Go look up idea validation. Now you can hire Read more

Best Colors to Use for Conversion and Design

Best Colors to Use for Conversion and Design Do you ever want to know what is the best colors to use for your design? Many people do. This article will show you that there really isn’t a good answer to it. Watch the video and then check out the Social Triggers here. [ARVE_youtube id=”TCK97wO7MH8″] [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Free Photo Editing Program

Gimp is a photo editing program that is free and rivals Photoshop. Get it here: [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Photo Editor Web App

To do quick changes to a photo such as removing a background you can use the Pixlr Editor. [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]