Niche Website

Niche Website Niche websites are pretty easy to do. They rely on the vigilant updates and research of a niche hobby or interest. You gather as much information together in one place as you can. You become an expert on this niche thing. It is hard to find enough good information on a niche hobby so once someone finds the authority and commanding expert of that niche field of interest, they are going to come there for the information. They come there so they don’t have to look at the tons of other websites that won’t give them as much Read more

Small Business Ideas

Small Business Ideas A lot of people ask about finding a good idea to start with. Some people have huge expectations and overlook the businesses with lower cost entry. To bootstrap a project you are going to need a low cost entry business. There are so many people on this planet and so many things needing done that there isn’t an end to the work or opportunities. Some ideas are one offs that saturate the market fairly quick and then there are things that almost every town could handle. Some are cheap and some aren’t. Some are hard working type Read more

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and International IP Law

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and International IP Law There are some resources online for this. View them below. Government Operated US Patent and Trademark Office Inventor Resources Patents Trademarks Intellectual Property information Copyright office Other Legalzoom: Legal documents and information. [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]


Patents Patents are great for protecting your ideas in various formats. ( result of idea) More information about patents can be found on the USA Patent Offices patent page. INVENTORS: If you are an inventor you should check out the patent office’s inventor page. They have created this to aid inventors in the patenting process as well as scam prevention and numerous other topics. Find the inventors help page on the patent office. What they have listed Patents for Inventors: Tools, FAQs, Downloads Trademarks for Inventors: Tools, FAQs Inventors Assistance: Local assistance, Customer service Education and Information: Online chat transcripts, Read more

Collarborative Consumption Websites

Collarborative Consumption Websites This isn’t entirely a startup post but should provide some good inspirational pieces. Watch the video on the subject. [ARVE_youtube id=”AQa3kUJPEko”] AirBnb ZipCar Swapits TradeAway SwapStyle MakeupAlley SwapTreasures National Book Swap OurSwaps Readitswapit SwapaCD Swap a Home Swap it baby SwapVillage SwapThing SwitchPlanet TheSwap BookMooch TitleTrader ToySwap SwapTree [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]  

How to Utilize an Idea

How to Utilize an Idea You may say, “I have an idea. What do I do with it?” or have seen someone say that before. This will attempt to answer that question. If you have an idea you should have gone through the idea section to get here. If not start there: Ideas To utilize an idea you will start a business but that is a huge step. Before doing that you need to create some sort of actual product. Sometimes your idea is actually produced during the business stage but not often. Prebuild something to work with. Prebuild Examples Read more

How to Think of Ideas

Thinking of Ideas Many people want to do business with their skills but fail to proceed because they don’t have an idea. Thinking up an idea is sometimes a silly process. You have to “brainstorm” some ideas. Let your mind just think up things and then another idea then another idea and eventually the stupid and goofy ideas will dissipate leaving you with more well rounded ideas. The way the well rounded ideas keep appearing is because we keep information stored in short term in a funny way. We will tangent off of recent idea sessions. Tangent ideas are excellent Read more

How to Protect Ideas

Protecting Ideas There are various ways to protect an idea. There are legal methods and then there are psychological / secret sauce methods. Now when people don’t have the methods or the madness to create a product, they know they have to find someone to help them but are scared someone is going to steal their idea. They should be wary but sometimes you just have to cut your losses and go for it. Here are some methods that can help though. Patents Patents are a legal way to protect physical product designs, processes, and a few other types of Read more

How to Find Ideas

Finding Ideas Solve something that bugs you – An easy way to come up with a good idea is to keep an eye out for the things that get in your way or you think could be improved and always be thinking about how those things could be improved. At the store, in the bathroom, at work, in the car, etc. Anything that is annoying or seen as not as good as it could be is an opportunity for you to look into. After a while this becomes a habit and you will be innovating multiple times a day. Solve Read more

How to Validate an Idea

How to Validate an Idea Validating an idea is one of the largest hurdles an entrepreneur can have. You need hard evidence that there are people looking for what you are selling and that they are willing to spend money on it. If they like the idea but wouldn’t actually spend money on it, you have a problem. You must be aware that polling people doesn’t always work and neither does statistical methods. Sometimes the people you are polling is too small of a group of people whereas using statistical data may not work because people aren’t looking for what Read more