Tech Startups

Electronics Startups

Electronic Startups Electronic startups would be something like light fixture designs with different bulb types or styles.It could be a new kitchen appliance or it could be a new electric motor design or power tool, etc. When you start using microchips and other microelectronics, you would be using microelectronics. Some startup specifics No information available. Would you like to add some? [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Design a Computer in Minutes Easily with PC Part Picker Website

Design a Computer in Minutes Easily with PC Part Picker Website This website has no ads, will help you pick out your computer parts and all the parts will be compatible. It allows you to benchmark parts, compare vendors such as Newegg and Amazon, select multiple rating sets at a time, etc. Check it out here: [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Inventing, Designing, Manufacturing, and Buy and Sell All with this Website

Get Your Idea Made Here or Help Someone Make Their Idea then Sell This elite website is being named as such because it allows designers and thinkers to meet up and create and then the end result is that you can sell. Learn more about it on their about page. You may have had the following questions before: Where can I get my invention made? I have an idea but can someone design it for me? I have awesome CAD skills and some spare time and would like to make money from it. How can I do that? I want Read more

Stock Video

Stock Video There is such a thing as stock video. We will help you with that. Stock Video Resources GettyImages Video VideoHive Alamy Video [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Royalty Free Music for your Project

Royalty Free Music for your Project “Where do I get music for my project?”, you may ask, so we will help you with that. What is royalty free music though? It is music or audio that you purchase that you can use for various projects such as online videos, your music compilations, your video game you are making, etc. Check the licenses to be sure what you can use it for. It is like stock photos but instead of photos it is audio. Music and Audio Resources Audio Jungle Premium Beat GettyImages Music Note: A price grid needs created for Read more

How to Design Things and the Purpose of It

How to Design Things and the Purpose of It You have different stages of a product, be it a written item, a physical item, a website, or whatever else you come up with. The point of good design is for ease of reading and understandability, not to look artsy or how different it can be from other things. Functionality Every product has a purpose and function to serve. The purpose of a website is to capture attention as well as communicate effectively. In order to do those two things it must have a good design. To capture attention it needs Read more

Why Formats Matter

Why Formats Matter What do I mean by that? I mean that the way you setup your business and what methodology you use to accomplish it matters. Let’s just get into some examples. Store that allows people to play games and sells just a few games VS A game store that primarily sells games and allows people to play games in a smaller or more secondary area An information database site that uses a blog vs a wiki. A company that gives information out as a primary and sells eBooks as a secondary VS a company that sells a service Read more

Why it is Important to be Social and Network with People

History of the Fear When we are little and we get made fun of for something dumb as all little kids do, we are told by our parents and other grown ups that we are smart and that the other kids are just jealous. Or at least we are told something similar to that so we just stop trying. The other place of this fear comes from social pressures. One of the main social pressures is being told not to talk to strangers because they may be dangerous or weird. This is terrible advice and in business is really terrible Read more

Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions When looking for a hosting solution you should be aware of what you are attempting to do. Most hosting solutions are about the same in terms of capabilities whereas there are some situations where you will need to move large quantities of data, do a lot of calculations, or have an un-ordinary amount of traffic. Hosting solutions for… Heavy traffic, computations, file hosting solution If you have a situation where you need to move massive amounts of files or host a lot of files you are going to want to use Amazons web hosting solution. Working with Amazon Read more