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Launch has Commenced

Launch has Commenced The /r/entrepreneur crowd got hold of the main post at exactly 11am. Found here: http://redd.it/1i34sd The Redditors who wanted a private message where alerted of the main post on Reddit. Facebook friends were notified of launch and some have begun spreading it to their networks of friends. Now we just have to find out if we have lift off.

No sleep

So I haven’t slept yet. I ate a hot pocket and hopped back onto the admin panel to do more work before launch time. It is currently 6:33am where I am and plan to launch around 11am. This is going to be interesting.

Open Letter To WordPress Blogs

Dear WordPress Blog owners, I know there is a great scare across the land of yours right now. I wish to help with that. I plan to run this website for a very long time and would love to see the information you have put together live on for years to come and be updated and kept warm and safe. My proposal is this. Before you decide to shut your doors, go to the Contact Us page we have and send us a very lovely message about your situation. We then can get together through private email channels or on Read more


Background Story… So we were getting things ready for the website and didn’t get to actually blogging about it till now. We have a name, we have a website, we hosted it on Bluehost, and have been working 15 hour days for the last month or two now. Launch is Thursday 11, 2013. Why that day? Because research told us that would be a good day to launch. Not sure why that day but we are going with it. Navigation Baby The other day I had someone test the wiki for navigation as I was having issues figuring out how Read more