Web Startups

Web Startups Specifics

Web Startups Specifics So when you don’t meet your customers it is most likely an online only business which is a pure web startup. Web startups have a lot of specific situations that are required of them. If you are using online as an extension of your business you will have to deal with both the web startup aspects as well as one of the in person methods (e.g. brick and mortar, mobile, on foot). more to come… [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Finding a Good Freelancer

Finding a Good Freelancer This is a difficult task but there are some tactics you can take as well as websites to choose from. Tactics Read testimonials on the freelancers in the field of work you need done. Pay attention to these. Give projects to top candidates one page or feature at a time. This is to figure out how each one communicates, costs, quality of work, etc. This method sounds like it will cost you a lot but it will cost you much less than if you just go all in with one freelancer. This tactic has been talked Read more

Website Platforms

Choose a Platform You can choose a pre-made platform or you can build your own website using an installable platform within your hosting solution. There are many types of websites and you can review the list of them here. Platforms to Review (premade) Premade platforms such as Ebay or Amazon (install to host) Content Management System platforms such as WordPress or Joomla (install to host) Purpose built platforms such as phpbb or zen cart Premade Platforms There are many premade platform solutions that don’t require hosting or any technical know how. See the post about premade platforms. Content Management Systems Read more

Already Made Web Platforms

Already Made Web Platforms You may be thinking of building your own website. That isn’t always necessary from the start. There are some arguments about this though. Argument for using an already available solution You don’t have to build the website Someone already has taken care of all the legal stuff You don’t have to worry about site speed as they have their own hosting setup already You don’t have to buy a domain name They already have traffic coming to their website They already have the payment stuff setup You don’t have to be a technically minded person to Read more

How to Make a Website

How to Make a Website Websites are a lot of fun but are also a lot of work. Some choose to build their own website while others choose to use other websites that are already built. Do you need to build a website or can you use something that already exists. Some Current Pre-made Solutions How it works Choose a domain name – A domain name is the URL of the website. Ours is thegreatstartupwiki.com Find a website hosting solution – This is a place where you host your website. Build your website – This is the fun part. We Read more

How to Make a Website Quick Guide

Validate Your Skill Level Are you currently a web programmer? If no, please do not attempt to become one to code your own dynamic website as security is a huge issue and it will take you years to catch up. It is not a reasonable effort to put forth if you want to keep your sanity, not burn your spare time, etc. Not saying you can’t learn it, or not to learn it, just saying it takes a lot of work and time that most entrepreneurs don’t have to use and in some cases waste. If you do want to Read more

Best Colors to Use for Conversion and Design

Best Colors to Use for Conversion and Design Do you ever want to know what is the best colors to use for your design? Many people do. This article will show you that there really isn’t a good answer to it. Watch the video and then check out the Social Triggers here. [ARVE_youtube id=”TCK97wO7MH8″] [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Internet Statistics Websites

Internet Statistics Websites There are some large places to check out information about statistics of different segments of the internet and the traffic they receive. This gives you a good idea what competitors are doing and such. Follow.net – Gives you the traffic data, but also data on what the competition is doing and where they are doing it and where they are mentioned and other facts. It combines many of the following stat tools into one slick little tool. Google Keyword Tool: It tells you how many times people search keywords a month in the USA or globally and Read more

Design a Computer in Minutes Easily with PC Part Picker Website

Design a Computer in Minutes Easily with PC Part Picker Website This website has no ads, will help you pick out your computer parts and all the parts will be compatible. It allows you to benchmark parts, compare vendors such as Newegg and Amazon, select multiple rating sets at a time, etc. Check it out here: http://pcpartpicker.com [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Usability Testing for Websites and Smartphone APPs

Usability Testing for Websites and Smartphone APPs Usability testing is where you test your website, software, or Smartphone app for ease of use, understandability, and in general, how usable the product is to a user. This can focus on wording, element placement, design aspects, functionality aspects, and anything that has to do with how useable and good the product is to a user. We will focus on websites and phone apps. Most of the following services focus on website usability. Most services will have testers who they have vetted by testing them with an example website or app. Some of Read more