Ambassador a WooCommerce affiliate plugin (wordpress plugin)

Ambassador is a WooCommerce affiliate plugin. If you know of WooCommerce, this is an excellent plugin to have. It will give you power to help you spread the word about your E-Commerce website. There are multiple license types. Currently there is: Single license ($29) Up to 5 sites ($49) Unlimited sites ($99) [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Directory, a cleaner craigslist type site (wordpress plugin)

“Directory” allows you to create a directory site like Craigslist but much cleaner. It also has seamless integration with the affiliate plugin. [ARVE_vimeo id=”62722767″] Theme is optional as it comes with a really good theme already. If you don’t want to use the theme it came with and want to use it on your site you already have in place you can do that too with the shortcodes it provides. It embeds the elements with the shortcodes. Elements (not conclusive list) • List of all Directory categories – can also output as a grid! • “View Listings” Button • “Add Read more

Pro Sites (wordpress plugin)

You can host a network of pro sites where people buy a membership to host their section. It is pretty powerful. [ARVE_vimeo id=”62288038″] Pro Sites allows you to create and charge for premium services such as: It also allows has an affiliate program built in you can utilize.There is a ton more features you can see on the plugin page here. You can either buy the plugin for $19 like all the other plugins they have or or get all of their 350+ premium plugins in themes by signing up for a 1 month membership at $79 $39.50 (a time Read more

MarketPlace (WMPU DEV WordPress plugin)

MarketPlace (WMPU DEV WordPress plugin) There are many E-Commerce setups out there and WMPU DEV has made one that rivals WP-eCommerce. [ARVE_vimeo id=”58936647″] Honestly I could just post a couple features here about it but you really will just have to go watch their video and look at the features on their page. Check out the MarketPlace WordPress plugin here. I will attempt to list some of the items here though. It allows you to use affiliate links, it has an importer if you are using WP-eCommerce so that you can just import it and forget all about WP-eCommerce. Compatibility: Read more

Make your own affiliate program (wordpress plugin)

Affiliates (a WordPress plugin) I was buying some items over at WPMU DEV and was looking through their plugins and found a WordPress plugin that enables you to make your own affiliate program. It is called Affiliates. [ARVE_vimeo id=”63914666″] You can buy just the one plugin or get a really good package deal. I picked the second option below. That is honestly what I did because that is an amazing deal. Many people will stay on though because they have an awesome support team and members who will help you with issues you have. I personally didn’t have money at Read more

Elite Plugins – Wanted

This will be a page of wanted elite plugins. Comment to add what you want to see. I will add them to the list as we go. If I miss someones let me know. I may end up building a form for this but not yet. Wanted Elite Plugins Mass Category changing tool. Importing, adding, removing, and all to do with mass category changes on the admin panel of wordpress. Something to search the categories while in a post mode. Tried adding this post to a category and realized it didn’t have a search function and had to hunt it Read more

WordPress Introduction

WordPress WordPress started off as a blogging platform and has since evolved into a powerful Content Management System (CMS) platform. This platform is just the back-end management system that controls posts, pages, categories, etc. To make it go you need a hosting solution, themes, and plugins. Think of back-end as the cooking area of a restaurant and the front-end is the area that you order and interact with and eat in. Customers use the front-end and the company uses the back-end. WordPress Themes WordPress themes are what gives the website it’s look and feel. Think of WordPress as the skeleton Read more