Tech Startups

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First off, what is a startup? A startup is a starting business with no proven track record. It is a business just starting up.

Tech Startups

Tech startups are startups that are doing things relating to microelectronics (think circuit boards) or anything related to electronics, or digital products such as websites, phone apps, or software.


  • Electronics
  • Microelectronics (think circuit boards)
  • Websites
  • Phone apps
  • Software development

These startups can be cheap or not cheap but most people think of them as low cost startups. The downside to tech startups is that you generally have to have a lot of advanced knowledge that requires college degrees to know how to do. The other way to go about it is to use pre-coded items that you can make them do what you need them to. Things like website templates can be used to make fully functioning websites by a layman. Tech startups can be classified under hardware startups if they are of a tangible nature and must be manufactured however tech startups have a lot of exceptional materials so that is why they are classified under tech startups.

Electronics Startup

Electronics startup would be something like light fixture designs with different bulb types or styles.

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Microelectronics Startup

Microelectronics startups design things that use microelectronics (think circuit boards). The items can be things such as RC cars, cell phones, computer circuitry.

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Web Startups

Web startups are startups that utilize the internet to do business. Click here to see our list of websites and types. A lot of folks want to start a website but don’t know where to start. Click here to see our quick launch kind of guide we made.

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Phone App Startups

Some people have the idea that a phone app is something they can make and sell in a weekend. This can happen but so can being hit by lighting. About the same chances of success. It takes a lot of work and planning to execute one of these. They are much harder to get off the ground than a website is.

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Software Startups

Software is a crowded market but there are a lot of new technologies and things to do so software startups can still do well.

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