Things to Know About The Great Startup Wiki

Things to Know About The Great Startup Wiki

This page serves to give understanding to such things as how the editor works, how to categorize things, and basic notes. “The Great Startup WIki” can be referred to as such or as “TheGreatStartupWiki”. Either is acceptable depending on context.

Editor Functionality

We currently have the following capabilities installed:

  • 2 Icon packs
  • Containers: Well Box, message box, modal box
  • Badge and Label formatting
  • Text to Button formatted in multiple sizes and colors
  • Standard text formats, font families, font sizes, font styles
  • Underline, subscript, superscript
  • Left align, right align, align full
  • Paste from word, paste plain text, symbol inserter
  • Outdent, indent
  • Clean up messy code
  • Insert more tag
  • Responsive video player of all sorts and allows for YouTube playlists
  • There is more to add but it is a lot…

How to Categorize Things

There are main sections that things should go under and then the more specific content should go under the more specific content. Please do not list everything under everything you possibly can as that will get messy real fast.

An example of this is that things that relate to business in general should just go under General Business instead of going under every startup type available. Please put anything that is specific to Tech Startups under that category for instance. If you see something miss-categorized, let us know and tell us where you think it should go. We are not perfect either so we may have something under the wrong areas sometimes as well.

The Post Advisor Form

There is an expandable area (in an accordion) at the bottom of every page and post. There should be at least. This post advisor form is there to put any information in it you need to alert us of errors or ideas or what not for that specific page. It is designed to give us your username so we may contact you as well as the post it relates to. We would appreciate you letting us know when something is up. Thank you for helping us keep this site as perfect as we can get it.

Missing Post Advisor Form

Every single page should have a post advisor form in an accordion. If a page is missing one, please let us know through the main contact page. Thank you for this. This is an easy thing to forget to add after writing up a huge post or writing a bunch of posts.

Blockquote Shortcode Errors

The blockquote shortcode is currently not functioning as it is supposed to. Please remove the “float=left” from them when you see them. Sometimes this isn’t enough to keep a page from breaking. If removing that float property isn’t enough, please send us a message through the post advisor on that page.

[psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]